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Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

The Definition of Recount Text

Recount Text

1.  Recount  text is a text which has social function to retell past events experiences for the purpose of
     informing and entertaining.
2.  A recount text has the following generic /schematic structure.
     Orientations        :  provides the setting and introduce participants.
     Events                 : tell what happened, in what sequence
     Re- orientation   : optional closure of events
3. Function: to tell past events for the purpose of informing or entertaining. Events are usually aranged in a 
    temporal sequence.
4. Types of recount:
    a. Personal recount : retelling of an activity  that the writer/speaker has been personally involve in, such as: 
        biography, autobiography
    b. Factual recount :  recording the particular of an accident, such as : report of a scientific experiment, 
        police report , news report, historical account 
    c. Imaginative recount : talking on an imaginary role and giving detail of events.
(Nursahid and Sudarso, 8SMP Panduan Belajar. Primagama)

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